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Info Session

As this is a pilot project for a larger future initiative, we are looking for Homeowners who are enthusiastic about converting their home to use renewable energy systems, willing to speak with other homeowners to encourage them to switch.


Please review the following criteria to ensure you are eligible to participate before filling out the sign up form.

Check to see if you're eligible?


You must be a Canadian homeowner, and your home must be your primary residence.


You must be a resident of the Foothills or East Hill neighbourhood.


You must qualify for Natural Resources Canada's interest free Greener Homes Loan and have not already started a retrofit. HomeZero will walk you through this process. 


You presently do not have a cold climate air source heat pump or a geothermal heat pump.

Sign up to be considered a pilot project participant.

Thanks for Applying!

Discover more at our in-person or online info sessions 

See below for dates and locations. We look forward to meeting you there!

No upcoming events at the moment

Amandeep Singh


Keli Westgate-Home Zero

Keli Westgate

Community Engagement Manager

Our Speakers

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“I congratulate the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the City of Vernon and the HomeZero Collective Society for their work on this important initiative.”

– The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources

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